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What you need is what we do.

Clearwing Productions is a full-service production company with the expertise to support any size political event.

Clearwing Productions was created and established in Milwaukee, WI in 1976. Since then, we’ve provided production support for some of the country’s top events including: parties, meetings, festivals, concerts and tours. From Local Businesses, Meeting Halls, Convention Centers, to Arenas, we’ve been working in venues of all shapes and sizes for decades. Whether you need our gear, our techs or both, we can get your venue event-ready.
Production Design The production design team works with your ideas to keep your event engaging and interesting. They further work with drafters and engineers to convert designs and layouts into technical drawings for the production crew.  
Event Producing Our event producers are tasked with ensuring all event elements (content, talent, event start and conclusion), occur in proper sequence, on-time, and as planned in coordination with the client and all vendors.  
Production Crew & Equipment

Clearwing's technical directors ensure all aspects of the show loading in, the show itself, and loading out go smoothly while also overlooking safety. 

Our world-class production crew implements all audio, video, lighting, staging, scenic, rigging, and backline.


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Let's create an impactful event, together.