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Stage Lighting Repair

Lighting Repair

Clearwing Service repairs intelligent & conventional lighting fixtures, consoles, incandescent lighting, and specialty lighting such as strobe lights and black lights. 

Moving lights typically experience electrical failure, motor failure, driver chip failure, and bad power supplies.  Lighting Consoles can encounter bad chipsets, lamps, ribbon cable, and occasionally need a hard drive reformated or a video card repaired.

Moving Light Repair

Special Effects equipment also needs regular preventative maintenance. Bring in any fog machine, haze machine, low lying fog machine, or CO2 effect for service and repair to avoid problematic breakdowns in the middle of a production.

Stage Lighting Equipment Repair

Professional lighting and special effects equipment is expensive.  Before considering a full replacement, drop off or ship the faulty equipment to our service technicians to diagnose the issue.  Our staff has been certified through Vari-Lite, Martin, Color Kinetics, Strand, CM Entertainment, and High End Systems, among others. We are dealers for many manufacturers and operate a fully equipped, stocked service center.